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Having owned and operated Directions for over 4 decades, our unique formulas and specialist manufacturing are at the heart of all 46 of its intense shades.

Flawless shades for a fearless brand

The makers of amazing mixable colours since 1981

Our iconic colour palette at Directions has inspired an international following of influencers, sub-cultures and everyday people, empowering them with the variety to express their distinctive styles. Our expert research, development and fulfilment is honed here every day, making us a first-choice brand for vegan, cruelty-free colour lovers all over the world.

Why we are
THE colour experts

As creators and suppliers of the most dynamic range of hair colours, colour care, hair lightening products and more, we’re always looking for new, exciting ways to take our brand forward. That’s why Directions has been trusted by individuals, consumers and international wholesalers for decades – we know colour, and give people the means to truly express themselves.

The colour experts
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Incredible colour creation

Over 46 shades painstakingly perfected across the full spectrum of the rainbow. Neon, brights, darks and more, powerful shades that pack a punch – all uniquely formulated by our specialist manufacturers.

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Flawless fulfilment

At Directions we produce thousands of units daily; always expertly mixed, potted and packaged to the highest standards. We’ve developed a consistent process that runs like clockwork and keeps on top of our high global demand.

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Professional packaging

Tubs and tubes that provide total protection and a stylish shine. We lead the research, development and procurement of materials for our sustainable, eye-catching range of containers.

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We are happy to share how our products at Directions have captured the imagination of hair colour lovers across the globe. But for other global brands we supply, we guarantee absolute confidentiality. If you’d like to start the conversation and find out the scale of what we can deliver for you, get in touch today.

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