Hair Lightening Kit

Directions Hair Lightening Kit has been specially formulated to condition and help protect your hair while you lighten. Directions powder bleach contains added conditioning ingredients to help keep hair moisturised during the lightening process.

Use prior to Directions semi-permanent hair colour or to achieve a lighter tone leaving your hair conditioned and shiny.

Hair Lightening Kit 30 Volume Hair Lightening Kit 30 Volume
Hair Lightening Kit 40 Volume Hair Lightening Kit 40 Volume

Recommended strength of peroxide

Directions Hair Colour

Professional non drip formula with mineral oil to help moisturise the hair whilst lightening.

Your Current
Natural Hair Colour
Indication of
Colour Result
Cream Peroxide
Light blonde/dark blonde Light blonde/dark blonde 30 volume (9%)
Medium brown Light blonde 30 volume (9%)
Dark brown Warm blonde 40 volume (12%)